Woking, Surrey
Secondary school
1200 pupils

School profile
Woking High School is A Specialist Technology College, situated in the Horsell district of Woking and serving the surrounding area. It is a mixed comprehensive school for pupils aged 11-16 with
approximately 1200 students on roll.

ICT at Woking High
Woking High has made significant investments in its ICT infrastructure and provision, enabling all
teachers, throughout the school, to deliver first class interactivelessons. Discrete ICT lessons are taught in 5 fully equipped ICT suites providing 29 individual workstations in each. Every student is able to access a wealth of software packages to aid coursework completion including Microsoft Office, Serif and Macromedia MX packages. The school is committed to a rolling programme of upgrades. Two suites have benefitted from the purchase of new computers and flat screen monitors. Each suite and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard, sound system and peripherals that include scanner, printers and audiovisual equipment. A first class team of ICT technicians supports the school’s ICT infrastructure.

Woking High School

In addition to discrete lessons all students are able to access their personal files, intranet and shared files through the school’s website. ICT does not stop within the ICT department. All departments actively use the school’s intranet to provide students with learning resources. As part of Woking High School’s Technology specialism a wireless network supporting three laptop trolleys in Design and Technology, Science and Maths has been installed. Each faculty area has a mini computer suite within a classroom and all departments’ benefit from the use of interactive whiteboard facilities and audio visual

How NS Optimum fulfilled their requirements
NS Optimum have installed a school wide network infrastructure into Woking High School which consists of some 10 servers, 600 workstations, 150 laptops, 40 audio visual installs, live switching infrastructure CAT 5e and fibre optic data cabling. We also provide Microsoft qualified engineers on a regular basis to assist in the support of the network. All servers are running Microsoft Windows Server and all workstations run Microsoft Windows XP Professional on OEM licenses, Select Upgrades and some Vista Business Downgrade licenses.

Why NS Optimum?
Woking High initially chose NS Optimum in 2003 for several reasons, they wanted;

"•To maintain our network (especially Curriculum policies and controls) as we chose rather than via pre-set proprietary controls which had previously constrained us.
•Easier, quicker roll out of client software.
•Affordable but reliable hardware with quality components.
•As we had little or no internal expertise we needed to buy that in order to establish our system and to educate our staff in the day to day management of it.
•It was critical that our potential supplier had a sound grasp and experience of the issues that apply to schools.
•We felt confident that NS Optimum would provide us with all the above based on meetings with them and site visits to existing clients and our initial roll out was bang on time and successful. The system has grown considerably since then and reliability has been excellent.
•We found NS personnel to be 100% team players and they have always worked with us at each stage from forward planning, purchasing, infrastructure, server and software installation and troubleshooting so that whilst we benefit from their expertise we are also understood and are in control of our systems.
•Our major developments tend to be done during the summer, however we have had many occasions when smaller projects have required a team to run cabling, install switches, projectors etc. during the school day and they have always done a quality job with the minimum of upheaval to the school day."

- Erica Wiczling (Facilities Manager)

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