Choose NS Optimum for your Data and Electrical Cabling

For nearly two decades NS Optimum has provided thousands of schools, colleges and businesses up and down the country with data cabling and electrical installations by our very own vastly experienced and certified teams.

Our services range from small amounts of data and electrical installations to campus wide designed solutions which can involve fibre optic links, kilometres in length.

We can provide all data and electrical cabling for your new ICT suite or even refurbish you older suite. We supply and fit all of the necessary trunking, patch panels and leads. All work is fully tested and you will be provided with electrical certificates.

NS Optimum also undertakes civil works contracts and so can provide the complete package for your school or business development.

NS Optimum is proud to be a Krone approved installer. Krone was the preferred choice of data cabling for the BSF programme and generally required for many government projects due to the high quality and low degradation.

To support our work we provide a 20 Year warranty which is backed by Krone. Krone’s global stature means that this is a feature you can rely on for the lifetime of your system.

Schools and colleges typically invest thousands of pounds in network infrastructure. To maximise your investment choose a company that can provide you with high quality Krone data cabling at extremely competitive prices. Our prices compared to competitors offering standard cabling is very similar so it is definitely worth asking us for a quotation.

One of our trained advisers can visit your school and discuss your developments.

Whilst many cabling installations take place throughout the holiday periods, work can be conducted to suit your working day. This can also involve evening work too.

Why choose Krone Cabling?

For staff and students alike, access to information is of paramount importance. Systems that provide this access need to be robust and highly reliable. Whether it is a small infant school or a multiple-building campus with thousands of users, high bandwidths are required. When upgrading your network infrastructure choosing Krone cabling will give your network the best capability available.

The cost of structured cabling is actually not significant in terms of total IT investment, but poor choice can and does have a dramatic impact on the quality of service delivered around your school or college.  

“KRONE is now a frontrunner in the emerging 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper technology” 

KRONE is now a frontrunner in the emerging 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper technology and continues to innovate within its fibre portfolio. Krone’s Blown Fibre Solution is a highly cost effective method of introducing high speed fibre connectivity into established education infrastructures and provides the full range of multimode and single fibre solutions for backbone and campus’ with capacities right up to multi-Gigabit(s) carrier-class levels.

Are you planning a new network, school extension or new building?

If you are planning a completely new network or wanting new data cabling for an extension or new building, now is the time to consider 10 Gig capable data cabling. Technology advances move fast and ensuring your infrastructure can cope now and in the future, is essential. As technology does advance choosing 10Gig capable data means you won’t face the cost and inconvenience of having to take out the cabling and start again.

NS Optimum has the expertise to help you stay ahead of the game ensuring you have the most future-proof network possible. Please call us to discuss your plans.

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