What is a Managed Service?

Our Levels of service
1 Hardware/software supply only
2 Hardware/software - supply and install
3 Supply + complete break fix support
4 Supply + break fix + maintenance service
5 Supply + break fix + maintenance service + managed service

Providing the ICT for your school is quite a personal thing and is the subject of your school’s own ethos, whether it is something you wish to personally include within your schools functions or whether you wish to concentrate on the job of teaching and school improvement. NS Optimum is happy to provide solutions from provision of specific hardware to order to completely managing and running your ICT as its own single service. Here at NS Optimum we have decades of experience in providing ICT solutions for schools and are therefore able to offer you the experience to tailor a complete ICT solution design with you to provide for your needs which will be a complete turnkey solution.

NS Optimum will provide the ICT as a fully managed service which will include:

The Physical Stuff
Data Cabling
Switch Infrastructure
Server infrastructure
Desktop computers
Laptop computers and wireless infrastructure
Audio Visual IWB

The Services
Installation Service
Fully up and running service (any issue we get you back up and learning)
Maintenance - To see our full range of support options please click here
Complete Management - includes all of the above as well as running the network with a combination of on-site personnel provided by NS Optimum and remote interaction from our HQ.

Offsite Sevices
Hosted Services
- Hosted backup
- Hosted mail services
- Hosted web services
- Hosted servers


What do you do next?
Give one of our highly experienced account managers a call and we will discuss your requirements in detail, agreeing with you the hardware/software requirement, the technologies to be involved and the services levels required to keep those running to their optimum all agreed and included within budget guidelines you have. We provide you with a detailed proposal and, once agreed, we will sort the rest.

How do you pay for it?
Many schools now would like a simple annual payment process to make budget planning more consistent so we can enter you into a 3, 4 or 5 year agreement which is a renewable agreements allowing for hardware upgrade at those intervals. Alongside is the service agreement which again will be annually paid in exactly the same way.

What are the prices?
Prices are calculated from fixed prices for services so telephone 01926 880300 to speak to a dedicated account manager.

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