School Wide Wireless Systems

With many schools looking to replace, expand or install wireless networking, choosing NS Optimum is a perfect choice. We are able to offer managed wireless networks from as little as £2,999 + VAT

Our complete starter package includes:

  • 1 x Managed Wireless Controller
  • 6 x Enterprise  Dual Band Wireless N Access Points
  • 1 x 8 Way Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) switch
  • 6 x installed CAT5e data sockets
  • Fully managed wireless installation & configuration
  • FREE basic managed wireless training
  • FREE telephone technical support


All work is carried out by our own teams of installers.

Our advisors can visit your school FREE OF CHARGE and create a system perfect for you. The later wireless managed systems are much more reliable and stable than in the past. They give improved performance and offer much greater capability.

We offer a choice of different systems to suit your budget and requirement including: Netgear, Cisco, Meru and Extricom.

Why not look at one of our laptop/netbook bundles and add this to your installation?

Benefits of using managed wireless in schools

Speedy logins At the beginning of each lesson, using a managed wireless system will eliminate the issues often experienced on older wireless networks. For example multiple pupils logging onto the network struggle to connect and pupils already connected drop off the network.
Managed wireless solutions from NS Optimum are configured to ‘load balance’ between WAPs to give you smooth & speedy logons at the start of each lesson.

Fast 'N' band wireless with up to 300Mbps - NS Optimum wireless networks take advantage of the new, faster, ‘N’ band wireless technology, giving up to 300Mbps as opposed to older wireless systems running at 11Mbps or 54Mbps (802.11 a/b/g wireless). With pupils and teachers depending more heavily on the schools ICT network, the speed at which information is gathered and shared has become increasingly important.
An 802.11N band managed wireless solution will give you the speed and control that fits these needs.

Compatibility of your existing devices Do not worry if you already have existing laptops and other wireless devices in your school.
Your new ‘N’ band managed wireless solution is backward compatible so you can still use your a/b/g wireless devices on your new network.

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