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NS Optimum's core business is supplying, installing and supporting ICT within schools and colleges across the UK. Working almost solely within the education sector for two decades, NS Optimum know what schools need and with the ever-increasing demands being put on a school's ICT network, it’s no surprise that we have seen a significant swing from investment in hardware to investment in support.

Schools depend more on their ICT networks now than ever before. Not only are the majority of lessons being taught using the network but the schools telephones, attendance records, notice boards, catering systems, CCTV security, door entry systems and much more, all rely on the ICT network being up and running smoothly 100% of the time to work efficiently.

This is why we have been working closely with our customers to create a range of NS Optimum support options to suit every school's needs. From telephone support to remote support and from a monthly engineer visit to a complete Managed Service including teams of ICT staff onsite full-time, NS Optimum has the support agreement that will suit your school or college.

The support you need, when you need it

  1. Fully backed up technical support staff available via:
    • Telephone.
    • Remote support.
    • Onsite.
  2. Guaranteed service:
    • Fix.
    • Restore.
    • Up and running.
  3. Complete peace of mind

Network benefits
1. Maximum network uptime – we have the skills and resources to guarantee minimum downtime for your network.
2. Maximise efficiency – our best practise ensures efficient utilisation of your ICT resources.
3. Fully backed up – your engineer is fully backed by the whole technical support department of NS Optimum.
4. Future development – we can advise on your school's ICT direction.

Reduced costs
5. No staff training costs – All NS Optimum technical staff are fully trained by the manufacturers.
6. No HR overheads – there are no management overheads.
7. No employers contributions – what we quote is what you pay.
8. No research costs – we do the research as part of our overheads not yours.
9. Total cost of ownership – reduced.

To see our full range of support options please click here

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